With PLUC I've made videos on various issues - whether it was the underground rapping community in Mumbai or the protests at BHU, it wouldn't have been possible without the training, editing support and the inspiration provided by the team. The responses received on my videos has motivated me to do more stories about real people like us. PLUC is a platform for today's youth that wants to bring about a change. I'm glad to be a part of it.

Kuwar Hari Om


Punjab Exodus: Why Are Young Punjabis illegally Immigrating To USA And Canada?

Story By : Sandeep

This story has been covered by many publications. #PlucCreators Sandeep and Shubham Gupta explore the ‘Punjab Exodus’ by traveling to more than 15 villages, talking to people who have immigrated illegally.

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Ever since my journey with PLUC started people have been calling me from across India to visit my workshop - it's unbelievable


Pro Creator

PLUC inspired me to share my journey of plogging on social media and reach networks that I didn't have before. With their help and training, I was able to influence in 5 countries.


Pro Creators

The journey with PLUC turned out to be a career changing conjuncture. The training and constant shooting I've partaken as a PLUC Storyteller has given me a better camera interface, presence and handling altogether. I started my show #TrashTourism with PLUC that gave me the opportunity to travel and report at the same time. People even reached out to me from different places in Himachal with even more locations to cover. It has received a response much beyond my expectations!


We have learned a great deal of things like creating content and organising events by being PLUC Creators. The team has always motivated and inspired us to keep creating and sharing stories about Gangtok and what we love about it.



Teenagers talk about the future of Gurugram & the Aravallis

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